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Common Emigrant

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The Common Emigrant, is a medium-sized butterfly found in Asia and parts of Australia. The upperside of the male is chalky-white, sometimes with a more or less broad and clearly defined basal sulphur-yellow area on both fore and hind wings; this sulphur-yellow colour is at times diffused over the whole surface of the wings, though generally it becomes paler towards the terminal margins.

Mottled Emigrant

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The Mottled Emigrant is a medium sized butterfly found in South Asia, Southeast Asia and parts of Australia. The upperside is chalky-white, slightly tinted in some specimens with green. The fore wing is with or without a discocellular black spot.

Chocolate Pansy

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It is about 5–6 cm (2.0–2.4 in) in wingspan and the female can be told apart from the male by white markings on the oblique line on the underside of the hind wing. The wavy lines on the underside of the wings vary from wet to dry season forms.


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The Commander, is a medium-sized strikingly coloured butterfly found in Asia. It has a wingspan of about 6 to 7.5 cm. The upperside of its wings are a bright reddish brown. Towards the centre of the wing are broad white spots. In flight, one can see a bright red brown butterfly with a white band forming a 'V shape'. There are also a few white spots scattered on the wings. The undersides of the wings are a whitish gray toward the base and have a row of dull reddish brown and a row of black spots along the margins.

Common Indian Crow

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The Common Indian Crow is a common butterfly found in South Asia. It is a glossy black butterfly with brown underside with white marks along the outer margins of the wing. The wingspan is about 8–9 cm and the body also has prominent white spots.

On hot days large numbers of these butterflies can be seen mud-puddling on wet sand. This butterfly also gathers on damaged parts of plants to forage for chemicals precursors to produce pheromones.

Common Leopard

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The Common Leopard is a medium sized butterfly with a wingspan of 50–55 mm with a tawny colour and marked with black spots. The underside of the butterfly is more glossy than the upper and both the male and female are similar looking. A more prominent purple gloss on the underside is found in the dry season form of this butterfly.

It is a sun-loving butterfly and avoids shade.

Danaid Eggfly

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The Danaid Eggfly is a widespread butterfly. It is well known for polymorphism. Males are blackish with distinctive white spots that are fringed in blue.

Great Eggfly

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The Great Eggfly is a black-bodied butterfly with a wingspan of about 70–85 mm. The upper side of the wings are jet black, offset with three pairs of white spots & two on the forewing and one on the hind. These white spots are surrounded by purple iridescence. In addition, the upper side of the hind wing bears a series of small white dots.

The upper side of the wings of the female is a brownish black and does not have any spots like those of the male. The edges bear white markings which are similar to those of the Common Indian Crow.

Grey Pansy

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The Grey Pansy found in South Asia. Upperside of both sexes pale lavender-brown, apical half of wings paler. Fore wing: cell with, three transverse, short, sinuous black bands, the outermost defining the discocellulars; a similar short, somewhat broader band beyond apex of cell; two transverse discal dusky black fasciae, the inner highly sinuous and outward, angulate above vein 4, the outer straighter, somewhat lunular, bordered by a series of whitish ovals with dusky or black centres.

Tawny Coster

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The Tawny Coster is a small leathery winged butterfly which is common in grassland and scrub habitats. It has a weak fluttery flight. It is avoided by most insect predators. Upperside tawny. Fore wing: a transverse black spot in cell, and another irregular, oblique and broader at the disco-cellulars. Underside: ground-colour ochraceous yellow or a paler tawny yellow. Fore wing paling to whitish on the apex, with the black markings as on the upper side but somewhat blurred and diffuse.

Wing expanse of 53–64 mm.